Who We Are

Camp Creek Baptist Church began under a brush arbor in the summer of 1885.  From the brush arbor, the little group moved to a one room wooden structure with shelves around the walls for the kerosene lamps which provided the light. Land for a cemetery was donated to the church in 1888.

The church was originally built on the hill that is now the Camp Creek Baptist Church Cemetery.  The main structure, a frame building, was built on the other side of the “wagon trail” that is now Camp Creek Road. In 1908, the building was enlarged and Sunday School rooms were added. In the fall of 1947 the church started construction of its first cinder block building using sand hauled from the old dam in Cateechee. It was dedicated in February, 1949.

In 1972, the current building was constructed and dedicated on June 25. The mission home was purchased. The Fellowship Hall was completed in 1979. Since that time many remodeling and updates have been completed on the present building and grounds.

The first annual Faith Promise Missions Conference was held in 1977. The church supported 10 missionaries. Camp Creek now supports over 70 missionaries around the world.

The history of our church cannot be contained with these few words. The fact that this church continues to stand true through the past years is a testament to those who served. Their desire was to please the Lord, to be faithful, steadfast to the Bible, and to bring others to know Him. The full story of our church has not yet been completed. May the history of Camp Creek Baptist Church continue to glorify God and lead others to Him until the Lord returns.

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